Viktie Thea

Thea and her circle of Vikties you mean, in the name of god and goddess, in our world of mysticism and magic, cordially welcome. Our Web site deals what with everything on the subject of wisdom teachings, Magic, Herbs- stone and one customer and rituals.

Viktie derived from the Icelandic word "Vitka" from, which means wise woman / man or knowing means that dealt with the mysteries of the magic show.

We let the mysterious old tradition of wise women and men back to life and breathe through their handwriting, and our new life experiences. We teach our students interested after this ancient wisdom, and instruct you in the secret mysteries.


Witch Thea from Langen rain: Magic of Harry Potter

Bild: Südkurier, Wagner

Picture: Südkurier, Wagner

Interview with the Southern Courier: “One imagines otherwise a witch's House: The home of "Viktie Thea", civic Thea Hermann, is a normal House on the outskirts of long rain. Viktie is of Icelandic origin and means "the Knower". Only in a small room in the basement, the topics can be, the Thea Hermann worrying and she deals with which almost all life, an idea of: Here candles are on the heavy desk, a Crystal stone: The small Kingdom of a witch in the 21. Century, lovingly sorted.”

There are here to read the full article:;art372433,7332404



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